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Corporate Social Responsibility

20/01/2009Re-Building Yong Quan Village, Sichuan Province

Re-Building Yong Quan Village, Sichuan Province

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On 14 January 2009, Mr Terence Ng, CEO of TES-AMM group of companies led his team to visit Yong Quan Cun (Village) for the 2nd time, and witnessed the reconstruction miracle of the village, which had been hit by the Sichuan earthquakes on several occasions late last year. TES-AMM has pledged donations to rebuild one of the affected villages within a distance away from the most severely earthquake-hit ruins of Xiao Quan Zheng (Town), in order to make a better living environment for the common Chinese villagers.

The 1st visit made was on 16 Aug 2008 by TES-AMM team to Xiao Quan town and Yong Quan village in Sichuan province to access the extent of the damages and to identify on the best options in lending a helping hand to the earthquake victims who required the most assistance.

Once TES-AMM team has identified they would like to assist the Yong Quan villagers who were made homeless by the earthquakes, Mr Ng decided to contribute to the building of new houses in this selected neighborhood compound area. This area will house hundreds of the homeless victims, at the same time designed towards quality living for the villagers.

TES-AMM’s 2nd visit was to conclude on the outcome of the contribution made towards the housing reconstruction project for the Sichuan earthquake victims of Yong Quan village.

The visitation is made that much more pleasant with a deep sense of welcome and thankful expressions from the village inhabitants.