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Sunday 21-July 2019

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Your e-Waste Recycling Partner

TES-AMM is a leading electronics waste recycler, currently serving clients on a global basis and working with a variety of clients, ranging from OEMs, CEMs, repair and servicing companies to logistics providers, electronics waste brokers, Local Authorities and National Environmental Agencies.

As a recycler, we at TES-AMM recognize the complexity of environmental legislation our clients are facing. In order for our clients to concentrate on their core business, TES-AMM provide a package of services - not only the physical recycling of goods but services ranging from advice on legislation and environmental reporting on waste disposal to Total Waste Management.

Call 1800 8 TES AMM (837 266) for your toll-free consultation on how to recycle your electronics in Singapore, and go green with TES-AMM worldwide.

International Certifications

Our processes are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and have been audited and approved by many internationally recognized companies. We offer compliant solutions to the WEEE Directive and other such international legislation.


At TES-AMM we value our clients and prioritize their concerns over IP rights and protecting Brand Name issues. We invite clients to witness the destruction of their materials within our highly secure premise and offer certificates of recycling and destruction as well as comprehensive recycled ratio reports.

In-House Research & Development (R & D) Endeavours

TES-AMM's philosophy to drive R & D as the engine to challenge the industry positions us as a leading player in the recycling business. We constantly challenge ourselves with our clientís problems and seek solutions to improve our clientís products in return.

Proprietary Technology Platform

TES-AMM is at the forefront of environmental recycling technology and services. Our refineries utilize state-of-the-art, automated equipment and a blend of processing techniques aimed at delivering the lowest environmental impact.

In line with our continuous R & D on recycling materials, we measure our success in terms of environmental impact. Only by measuring our efforts this way, are we able to fulfill our commitment to aim for zero landfill and drive towards a greener environmental policy.

We provide customized solutions for clients. Intellectual Property protection is always the first step in our process. After secure removal and destruction of sensitive materials indicated by our clients, we will analyze and determine the optimal recycling process for each remaining material. Upon clientís approval, we will then complete a batch of materials accordingly.

Seeking our clientís approval on the methods in which we treat their electronic waste is of great importance to TES-AMM.

Corporate Governance

TES-AMM operates an integrated global network of collection centers and processing locations with the additional benefit of capitalization derived from a private equity fund. The external V.C. investors are recognizably linked to companies listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX).

At TES-AMM we are answerable to our investors and responsibly govern our business with a transparent and ethical corporate ethos.

Corporate Ethics Line

As part of our commitment to Business Ethics, all TES-AMM employees, business partners and others outside the company can communicate directly and confidentially with the Ethics Officer via our Corporate Ethics Line.