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Sunday 26-May 2019

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Overview of Current Legislation

For most of the 20th century recycling was carried out due to scarcity of goods or for financial gain.

However, during the last quarter of a century environmental concerns about the adverse effects on the planet caused by the way waste products were dealt with has led to a significant body of legislation being implemented, throughout the world.

The next few years will see further legislation implemented, controls tightened and strict obligations placed on all Companies to reduce waste to a minimum and recycle product.

Many companies, local and global, are finding it extremely difficult to keep up with ever-increasing waste laws, never mind comply with, legislative demands.

For overview details on specific legislation, select the appropriate file from the presentation materials section of this website. We have also provided below links to detailed information and copies of relevant legal text.

As your recycling partner, TES-AMM Ltd will ensure that you can meet your legislative obligations. As specialist waste recyclers we have knowledge of current and future legislation, worldwide and we have the expertise to meet the requirements, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

We manage the complete logistics operation from collecting your waste through to recovery of the base materials. We provide Certificates of Recycling in support of your fulfilling environmental obligations.

Our processes are fully transparent and operated to the highest environmental standards. Our Malaysian recycling facility operates well within environmental legislation and both our Malaysian and UK facilities are ISO accredited for their environmental management systems (14001) and their occupational health and safety management systems (18001).