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Monday 24-June 2019

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Our Mission Statement

Leveraging technology to deliver holistic waste management solutions, incorporating fully synchronized processes and procedures that provide cost-effectiveness, intellectual property intergrity and compliance to applicable legislations.

Commitment Statement

Environmental, health and safety (EHS) stewardship is fundamental to TES-AMM. As a leader in e-waste recycling, our commitment to the protection of employee health and safety as well as the prevention of pollution is crucial to our long-term success.

Fuelled by our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, we will identify and control negative EHS impacts associated with our facilities, activities, services and products throughout their lifecycles. At the same time, our business processes are designed to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and company requirements.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Statement

TES-AMM offers a wide range of services involving the recycling, processing and refining of electronic wastes

Ensure that hazards in our operations are identified and assessed in order to implement appropriate control measures

Staff, suppliers and contractors are trained to cultivate good EHS awareness and practices to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff

Achieve EHS objectives and targets through regular monitoring and measurement

Minimise resource depletion by using reduction, reusing and recycling and prevent pollution to the environment in the process

Maximise control of collected wastes to minimise their EHS impacts