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Sunday 26-May 2019

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Regional Page for TES-AMM Penang

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    TES-AMM Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
    Tingkat Perusahaan Satu
    Prai Industrial Estate
    13600 Prai


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    +(60) 43 99 18 96

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    + (60) 43 99 32 21

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    Mr John Ashok


  • This site is currently undergoing ISO accreditation preparations.

Compliance Licences & Certificates


Our custom made plant consists primarily of a crusher and auto sampling system. The crusher system is designed to crush and destroy IC chips and PCBs to a size of <20mm with all dust particles generated during the process being collected by our state-of-the-art air scrubbers and dust collection system.

An industrial sampler - consisting of a ribbon mixer and auto sampling machine - is used to collect samples for lab testing and analysis of precious metal content.

2.1 Stripping Line
We have custom made tanks designed to strip surface precious metal from crushed raw materials.

2.2 Electrolysis Line
Electroplating of precious metal solvent/solution - plated precious metal will be removed and sent for refining. Any spent solution will be discharged to the waste-water treatment plant.
Consists of a single plating line and storage tanks

2.3 Acid Dissolution c/w Hot Water System
Raw material reacts with various chemicals in custom made tanks to yield other precious metals like silver, platinum, copper etc. Any spent or 'recovered' solution will be disposed of through the processes of the waste-water treatment plant.

3.1 Acid & Cyanide Scrubber
Our four stage acid scrubber system is capable of scrubbing up to 90% of NOx gases and our single stage cyanide scrubber is capable of scrubbing up to 99% of HCN gases.

3.2 Wastewater Treatment Plant
3.2.1Concentrated Acid Waste
Acid waste from the acid dissolution line, acid scrubber waste and acid sump pit waste is pumped into the chemical package (coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation). Wastewater is neutralized with various chemicals for safe discharge. Should wastewater ever be unable to comply with the discharge requirement, it will be transferred to the evaporator for a final treatment.

Our evaporator is used to separate water from the heavy metals, suspended solids and COD in order for them to be disposed of in a way that meets all local environmental discharge regulations

3.2.2 Advance Precious Metal Waste
Hazardous and precious metals are plated using the fluidised bed electro-cell from the waste stream to prevent it from becoming hazardous. This is followed by oxidation to remove any excessive trace elements. Treated waste-water will flow to the evaporator or back into the concentrated acid waste system for further treatment.

3.3 Gas Detection System
Strategically installed around the chemical plant to detect for any toxic fumes.

4.1 Laboratory
ICP Spectrometer to analyze and evaluate the raw material. This includes a small-scale furnace, cutting mill, basic analytical instruments and equipment to carry out analysis of sample materials.

Note: Existing machinery includes deforming machine and shredders.