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Sunday 26-May 2019

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Regional Page for TES-AMM New South Wales

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    TES-AMM Australia Pty Ltd
    9 -11 Epic Place,
    New South Wales

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    +61 2 9644 6499

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    +61 2 9644 4418

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    Alvin Piadasa


  • This site is currently undergoing ISO accreditation preparations.

Compliance Licences & Certificates

  • No additional applicable licences


TES-AMM operates from a secure 3205sqm warehouse and office facility in Villawood, New South Wales, Australia offering services such as:

Collection and reverse logistics
Verification (weight/piece count)
Reporting and Traceability
Remarketing (triage, testing, asset cleaning, data wiping)
Segregation, demanufacturing and destruction
Packing and warehousing
Export of e-waste (under Basel Convention Permit)
CRT Recycling

TES-AMM Australia also operates a satellite office in New Zealand enabling us to service client requirements throughout the entire ANZ region.