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TES-AMM provides synchronized electronic waste management solutions for many of the world’s leading organizations. We recognize that clients are increasingly seeking to recover optimal returns from secondary assets through the following streams:

• Disposal
• Obsolescence
• Surplus
• Take Back Schemes
• Service Returns
• Leasing
• Quality Control and Manufacturing rejects

Precious Metal Recovery

TES-AMM’s core activity is in the recovery of precious metal from end of life, surplus and obsolete electronics. Our low emission, hydrometallurgical (chemical) process contrasts greatly from the method of incineration, which is taken by traditional smelters.

Asset Disposal and Deployment

We are a global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Asset Disposal and Deployment service provider, supporting our clients in every phase of their equipment's life cycle. TES-AMM provides a number of bespoke solutions for the other recycling spectrum on end-of-life equipment; Asset Disposal which is in line with the recycling adage of reduce, reuse, recycle, and is performed with the total approval and support of our clients. We will firstly look to reuse the equipment, and then channel to recycling when the equipment failed TES-AMM's Asset Disposal standards. Our capabilities in this Asset Disposal servicing area extend beyond traditional recycling to encompass testing, cleaning, data wiping of IT equipment to United States Department of Defence standards.

We define our Asset Disposal solutions as finding another use for end-of-life equipment and having equipment systems dismantled, cleaned-up, data-wiped, swapped bad with good working components; in short working-up to give a second life to the equipment in a manner that allows for the safe reuse of that equipment.

Asset Disposal and Deployment services of TES-AMM is made-up of:

  • ICT Equipment Buy-back

  • Collection and Decommissioning Service (for equipment roll-out, take-back, warehousing etc.)

  • Asset Validation and Reporting

  • Secure Date Erasure and/or Destruction

  • Testing, Repair and Refurbishment

  • Deployment Service

  • Responsible Recycling and Disposal Solutions

Certified Data Erasure

TES-AMM have Certified Blancco Technicians on site using Blancco the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions. With millions of users on every continent, they are the preferred erasure choice of military, defense, police, banking and IT asset reseller organizations around the world. Offering the most certified data erasure solutions in the industry. Blancco operates from an extensive network of 17 international offices and partners across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australasia.

Blancco solutions help you:

  • Conduct fully-automated, remote erasure in the fastest, most secure way possible

  • Mitigate risk of legal liabilities, damage to reputation, and loss of corporate IT assets

  • Comply with global security and privacy regulations

  • Manage IT asset disposal processes, including distribution of data sanitization software and erasure reporting for auditing purposes

  • Collect, retain and manage data for all your IT assets, including non-functional ones like printers and copy machines

Lithium Ion Battery Recycling

TES-AMM, in partnership with Recupyl S.A, operates the Asian region’s only Li-on battery recycling plant. Through this plant in Singapore, we are striving to process more than just e-waste. Our specialized mechanical – hydrometallurgical process allows for higher recovery and is environmentally superior and safer to pyrolysis (heat) or cryogenic (freezing) methods.

Spent Epoxy Resin Recycling

As part of our research and development activity, TES-AMM has developed a commercial application for spent epoxy, which is typically generated through the manufacturing processes of the semiconductor industry. Our innovative process allows us to use epoxy as a constituent in the production of shipping pallets, negating the need for landfill.

Collection and Reverse Logistics

TES-AMM can assist with local or interstate pickup of e-waste. Through our global network and through partnerships with reputed freight forwarders, we are able to move electronic waste and assets from anywhere in the world. Our expertise in trans-boundary movement ensures that e-waste is transported in compliance with international regulations such as the Basel Convention – an area few other organizations can assist.


Our aim is to provide clients with complete trace-ability though the recycling process. We are able to do this by reporting on the condition, quantity, weight, serial numbers and other relevant information as well as by identifying, segregating and consolidating waste streams.

Tracking and Reporting – eWTS

Through use of our proprietary web-based software tool – eWTS (Electronic Waste Tracking System) - we are able to provide clients with full traceability from the point of collection through to final disposal. Customers can log in remotely from the convenience of their own workstations to keep track of their equipment at any time.


TES-AMM is mindful of sensitivities with intellectual property and data. We tailor mechanical and automated destruction solutions which provide client confidence and economy whilst also maximizing the recovery of base materials contained in the assets.

Local Recycling

As part of our total environmental solution, materials such as ferrous, non ferrous metals, plastics, batteries and packaging are channeled only to similarly approved and accredited vendors for recycling/treatment, ensuring responsible processing solutions that minimize landfill.

Pollution Control Equipment

TES-AMM possesses relevant know how in controlling pollution in e-waste processing. Part of the service we provide is the safe and efficient capture of harmful solid, liquid and gas emissions through sophisticated 3 stage scrubbers, waste water treatment system and bag filters.

Repair, Refurbishment, Resale

As part of a complete e-waste solution, TES-AMM has suitably trained personnel for the repair and refurbishment of IT assets which possess no intellectual property concerns. Through our global operating presence, marketable assets may be sold to achieve the highest possible financial return to clients.

Examples of Waste Collected

• Desktops and Laptop PC’s
• Server Workstations (Desktop & Cabinet)
• Printers
• Peripherals
• Photocopiers
• Facsimiles
• Consumer Electronics
• ATMs
• Telecommunication and Mobile Communicative Equipment
• Integrated Circuit Boards
• Capacitors, Fuses, Connectors
• Wafers
• Processors
• Hard Disk Drives
• Optical Devices
• Display Devices
• Power Supplies
• Lithium Ion Batteries
• Printer Toner Cartridges

And more ....